Jane Jaskevich-Sculptor


 art student sculpting marble at jaskevich studios in Atlanta stone sculpture class
Hoke begins his sculpture in his art class

This stone sculpture class includes an introduction to stones (limestone, alabaster, soapstone and marble) or wood. Subjects covered are buying stone/wood, picking the right subject, proper use of hand, electric, pneumatic tools and finishing techniques. Hands-on experience carving a sculpture using hand tools and pneumatic chisels.

Space is limited, so call to reserve your space.You will be working in a functioning studio with the opportunity to view professional works in progress and many finished sculptures.

Sculpture exhibits, group visits to area sculpture exhibits and social get togethers are offered to class members.

Class Times/Location:

There are two separate sculpture class meeting times :

Class fees are paid monthly.
Tuesday evenings 6PM to 8PM ($120 for 4 meetings a month).
Tuesday morning classes 10AM to 12:30 ($150 for 4 meetings a month).

Students can pro-rate days if they join mid month.
Day rate $37.50 per session. Night rate $30 per session.

Studio address is centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia off of I-85 near North Druid Hills & Cheshire Bridge Road. Call or inquire for directions.

Materials Supplied:

Worktable. Sandbags. Use of Pneumatic tools, and air
compressor. Use of riffle files. Use of glass and loose grit for leveling pieces. steel mallets

Art student carving a sculpture in atlanta stone sculpture class
Art student using pneumatic chisel carve a stone sculpture.

Materials needed:

Stone or wood
Basic Stone Carving Set
( available locally at Dick Blick Art Supply)
Good fitting work gloves
( Home Depot/Lowes)
Safety glasses (Home Depot/Lowes)
Half round 10″ coarse cabinet file(General Hardware)
Sandpaper (various grits discussed in class)
High quality dust respirator (must be capable of filtering fine dust Home Depot/Lowes )
Hearing Protector, ear plugs and/or ear muffs (Home Depot/Lowes)